District of Lunenburg - Nova Scotia - Canada
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Perfect Petite Riviere

Perfect Petite Riviere

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Your adventure starts by taking Highway 103 past Bridgewater and turning down Italy Cross Road.

Save your trip to Petite Riviere Vineyard for later in the day and start off with a visit to the Maritime Painted Saltbox. Meet local artists Tom Alway and Peter Blais, browsing through their gallery of handmade furniture, contemporary fine art and whimsical folk art. Don’t miss “The Coop”, where you’re sure to find a quirky treasure to take home with you.

The beauty and charm of Petite Riviere makes it an inspiring spot for artists and crafters of all types, offering interesting studios and shops for you to explore. Joy of Antiques is full of unusual finds and one of a kind treasures while Mariners Crafts showcases the beautiful handwork of local artists. Stop in for a latte and lunch to find out why Best Coast Coffee Gallery is a local favorite. Be sure to ask for a copy of “Petite Riviere Artisan Map” while you’re there for the insider’s scoop on some more of the unique shops and studios in the area.

Finish off your perfect afternoon by journeying back to Petite Riviere Vineyard. Take a tour, browse the shop and then relax on the stone patio with a glass of wine, soaking in the glorious view of the vineyard below and savour the memory of a perfect day in Lunenburg Region.

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