District of Lunenburg - Nova Scotia - Canada
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The Great Lunenburg Region Scavenger Hunt

The Great Lunenburg Region Scavenger Hunt

Can you find all 9 locations? Give it a go to reveal the secret code, once you do, you’ll win an MODL Swag bag!

How it works:

1. Get your Scavenger Hunt sheet either; from MODL tourism staff at one of our visitor information pop-ups (check out the home page to see where we will be), or you can download the sheets and print them yourself (Scavenger Hunt Sheets)

2. Review the Scavenger Hunt sheet and see if you know the locations photographed. If you need a little help, try using explormodl.com, our interactive map. Don’t worry if you need an extra hint or two, check out the Hints sheet. In the same folder you can find the solutions if you need them, as well as some other helpful information.

3. At each location there will be a ‘Clue Sign’ indicating you have found the correct location which will contain the corresponding number for that photo on your Scavenger Hunt sheet. The sign will also have the secret letters for that location. Record the letters in the space below the picture and once you have visited 1-6 a secret code will be revealed.

a. There is an extra special code to find if you visit all 9 locations, but it is not required to receive the prize.

4. Once you have revealed the code for locations 1-6, send a picture of this code to erin.smith@modl.ca and claim your prize. Please include your name, the best way to contact you and the number of prizes needed.

a. If you have more than one member of your group who wants the MODL Swag Bag, please indicate the number in the email (Max 4 prizes per completed sheet/ group).

b. For every completed sheet you will also be entered to win the grand prize

5. Once the completed sheet is reviewed by MODL tourism staff you will be contacted, and the prize will be delivered to the front desk at the Municipal Building (10 Allée Champlain Drive, Cookville) to be picked up between Monday-Friday, 8am-4 pm.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erin Smith erin.smith@modl.ca.

This Promotion runs from July 9th - Aug 16th have all sheets sent in by that date!


1. Please respect all the businesses while visiting, make sure to be respectful of their property and only visit during their business hours.

a. Please see the solutions document to see the specific hours, all business should be open between Thru-Sat 10-4pm, if visiting outside of those hours please check first.

2. The MODL Swag bag will include, an MODL Water bottle, a pair of MODL sunglasses, a MODL key ring and some candy (if you wish for your prize to come without the candy, please state this in your email)

a. Max 4 prizes per completed sheet/ group.

3. For every completed Scavenger Hunt sheet (spots 1-6) you will also be entered into the August prize draw.

a. August prize draw: The Tourists Dream; The Lunenburg Region Experience -

b. Only one extra entry per group, you can also enter the draw by visiting one of our Visitor Information Pop-ups! (check out our social media to find out when and where our pop-ups will be).

4. This Promotion concludes on Aug 16th, please have all completed sheets sent in by that date. Any received after that time will not receive a prize nor entry into the August Draw prize.

5. Please do not remove the clue sign from the location, they need to remain in place for other participants.

6. Make sure the name sent on the email will match the name of who is picking up the prize/s.

7. Please note the location 9 on the scavenger hunt does require an entry fee. This location is not required to complete the scavenger hunt, but it is a fun day out, so we recommend visiting.

a. No other location on the scavenger hunt requires an entry fee.

8. Every location in this scavenger hunt will be found on the explore MODL website.

Download sheets Here!

Find some hints Here!

If you have any questions, please contact Erin at erin.smith@modl.ca

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